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Tribute & Memorial Gifts to Nonprofit Organizations

When Margie’s Mom passed away recently, she had an obituary in mind. And that obituary included a request: in lieu of flowers, please make donations to the Alzheimer’s Association. Margie has many friends, and I’m sure the Association will receive many contributions in memory of Lillian, Margie’s Mom.
This is a very common practice. As people deal with the death of a parent and have to make the necessary arrangements, there is a certain feeling among many people to have something good come from a personally sad situation. Maybe these hundreds or thousands of dollars will help a researcher find an answer that will help further forestall the ravages of Alzheimer’s.
Nonprofit organizations, particularly those with a mission related to health and fighting disease, should all have a program in place that makes it easy for the bereaved to honor the deceased’s memory with a tribute.
In addition to memorial gifts, many nonprofit organizations have a tribute or honor program so friends, users of the service, people who subscribe to your environmental newsletter, subscribers who buy tickets to your theater’s or performing art troupe’s events would like to use the celebration of a birthday or anniversary or graduation to pay tribute to a person you feel close to, don’t know what to buy as a gift, but know they are members of the Sierra Club, the Somerville Homeless Coalition, the American Repertory Theater, the Blue Ocean Society and would like to receive such a tribute.
These are good fundraising opportunities that can be used in a thoughtful, tasteful way that engender good feeling and bring in dollars to help you advance your mission.
If It’s The Results can be of help in initiating such a program, please be in touch.

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