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Speak Up for Those Who Are Not Heard

December is upon us, and nonprofit organizations have lots on their plate. Meanwhile, there are millions among us who have less on their plate this holiday season. Homelessness is on the rise, there are cutbacks in the Food Stamp (SNAP) program, and there will likely be no extension of unemployment benefits for about 1 million people who are chronically unemployed.
While we’re busy scurrying about, often with Board members in tow, asking for gifts for our annual appeal, I think this year requires a special effort. For the moment, I’ll call this #HolidayShare. It’s that extra effort we need to make to restore Food Stamps to their earlier (pre-November, 2013) level. Or, $29 per month for a family of three (single Mom with two kids). Restoring this nationwide won’t be cheap: $5 billion when you add all those in need.
Nonprofit leaders need to speak up for those in need. Illustrate the difference $29/month makes to a person living on the razor’s edge. Here’s an article from last August in Center on Budget & Policy Priorities that helps make the case.
Please help spread the word. Until someone comes up with a better idea, let’s call this #HolidayShare on Twitter and let our Congresspeople know we need to do what’s right.
Thanks. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and that you have a joyous, delicious, and caring holiday season.

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