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Shrinking the Wide World of Internet

Last time, I wrote about the value of networks and how to more effectively engage them for your nonprofit organization ( This time, I’ll cover some resources to help you get your staff and volunteers focused on expanding the reach of your mission to folks that’ll be most helpful to you.
A good place to start is Wild Apricot: the blog that introduces nonprofit webmasters and Internet junkies to stuff that’ll help you “do more with less.” Recently, the blog covered Twitter Lists: a way to organize folks you’re following (I’m following 550 people) into custom lists, so you can get right to their tweets instead of scanning hours of postings. It’s coming soon to all Twitter users…stand by if you don’t see it as an option on your Twitter sidebar.
Social Net Daily is a useful blog. Recently ( Glen Gilmore wrote about generational differences in the workplace as well as among our supporters. We need to understand the variations in values and interests between and among generations if we expect to attract and “donor-fy” broader audiences. If only “build it, and they will come” were true.
And if you’re going to open up the gates to social media like Twitter, Facebook and the rest, you likely want to set policies on how these media will be used at work. features an article on “social media governance.” I’m comfortable with open usage. There may be some who’ll abuse the priviledge, but there are so many more benefits (in my little mind) than drawbacks. But staff leaders are accountable to a board of directors. And some of these folks are pretty conservative and see social media as a waste more than a plus. We have to respect where our volunteer leaders are and not get too far ahead of them.
Mashable is another trusted blog: maybe one of the biggest in the business. I follow @mashable on Twitter. Nearly always something useful, creative to say. Check out the Social Media Guide:
In my view, there’ll be opportunities for the taking. The more we all play with these social media toys, the more we’ll learn and, I believe, open ourselves to fundraising potential otherwise not accessible to us. Go for it!
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