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Ken Burnett on Relationship Fundraising

This week it’s all about Relationship Fundraising.  And the guy who wrote the book on the subject is Ken Burnett.  If you’re raising money for charitable purposes, you should have his book close by.  Relationship Fundraising: A Donor Based Aproach to the Business of Raising Money. Jossey-Bass is the US publisher. Second edition: 2002.

I recommend that you check out his blog. A post in 2009 “2020 vision” is definitely worth a look:  A sample:

Fundraisers will wake up to the fact that they are selling neither their organisations nor their causes, nor their missions and certainly not all the nuts and bolts and insignificant minutiae of what they do. Rather they are promoting joy, the warm glow, the exhilaration, the sense of achievement and fulfilment, even the meaning of life. As business life and political life are so discredited now, the timing for all this could not be better now.

Great food for thought. Particularly for nonprofit boards who think “someone” (preferably staff) just go ask for and get money.  Mr. Burnett teaches us to reach out to prospective donors, befriend them to the mission, acquaint them with the good you do and the people who benefit from that goodness so there’s a desire to be a part of the good works.

Makes lots of sense to me.  Please tell me if it makes sense to you.

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