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Katya Andresen from Network For Good on Social Media

I had the good fortune to hear Ms. Andresen, COO at Network For Good, give one of four keynotes at the NH Center for Nonprofits Summit in Manchester September 24th. She delivered a great information-based talk with powerful slides on the value of digging in to social media.
I recommend that all my clients experiment with social media and builld communication networks of supporters for the nonprofit mission.
90% of Consumers of all stripes responding to a Nielsen 2009 survey say they trust recommendations from their acquaintances. Only 6% say they believe marketers’ claims. And that includes claims made by a large segment of nonprofit organizations. Katya calls this the trust factor: the old school taught us to trust marketers (doctors say, “smoke Camel cigarettes!”). Today’s consumers trust each other and use Facebook and other social media to learn what their friends like, check it out, and follow suit if it feels right.
Katya discussed Greg Verdino’s Micromarketing as a great source to learn some of the substance behind working small with social media.
There’s a personal sense of connection for many donors through the act of donation. We need to think about the exchange transaction taking place between donor and nonprofit; the relationship formation; understand and act on the connection, the nonprofit will build a donor base that will come back for more.
You can follow Katya on Twitter: @KatyaN4G.
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I look forward to connecting with you and carrying on this conversation: 781-334-4915.

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