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Hot Pursuit of the Annual Campaign

Trick-or-treat is over, Daylight Savings will come to an end November 7, and the Christmas decorations are already popping up at the Mall. Guess it’s time to get the annual campaign readyto go.
If you’ve always sent your appeal via snail mail, it’s time to look at reaching out to donor prospects electronically.
Do you get online gifts during the year? Do you capture e-mail address and other info from these donors? Design an modification of your snail mail appeal to these donors who found you online and donated via credit card. They’re used to giving to you this way. Give them the opportunity to add a gift to this appeal.
Do you have donors who make memorial or tribute gifts to you online during the year? Be sure to “prospect” these donors.
Do you use Constant Contact? Use this tool to design the appeal.
Are you capturing contact and other (demographic, psychographic) information from these electronic donors?
Be sure that you’re collecting all this information.
And integrate a “thank you” protocol for all your donors: thanking individuals in different ways depending on how much they give, how much you know about them, how connected they are to members of your board and other key volunteers.
If you’re contemplating a major gift campaign, having a “rich” database of information on those who are contributing to your annual campaign and in other ways will help you as you prepare to qualify prospects for gifts to a big-time campaign.
Getting busy with this work now, including considering what your appeal will say this year, will help get your message out in front of your donors earlier in the holiday season than others who may not be as quick out of the chute as you.
Want to talk about elements of design for an effective campaign? I’m at your service.

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