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Help Your Supporters Get in the Spirit

Donors like the idea of making Hope possible.

If you’ve been procrastinating about sending your annual holiday appeal to supporters and friends, take some time to craft a request that communicates the ways you extend Hope to your clients. And get that request out by December 11.

Thanksgiving is behind us, and people across the USA have lots on their minds. Tonight, they will hear from their President about the necessity of more troops to Afghanistan. President Obama will have to search long and hard for support from politicians. But I’ll bet when the polls are taken in the following days, most Americans will be behind our commander-in-chief. I look forward to listening to him tonight. And learning where he sees Hope for the Afghan people, to overcome the theocratic tendencies alive and well in their country that had them tied in knots when the Taliban were in charge. Not to mention the ascendency of al Queda and the threat they pose to peace-loving people everywhere. Right here.

Our President will gain public support to the extent he can share a vision of Hope for people in Afghanistan. And then the extent we agree (or not) with how this connects with our Homeland Security.

Asking people for money when they have economic hardship and fear of international dis-ease, seems counter-intuitive. Actually, No. Asking for financial support right now is exactly the right thing to do.

Because we all need Hope. We can’t buy it. We know we can’t go to the store and purchase something that’ll provide Hope. But most of us have the idea that whatever we have, we are fortunate. And that right near us are other folks who are unfortunate: they’ve lost their homes, they’re dealing with a crippling disease, they’ve lost a job, they’ve been reduced in their hours.
Yet, in spite of it all, it’s true that most of us know deep down that there are others who struggle more than we do.

We want to help.

And this is where you come in. You will help your supporters get in the spirit.

Your holiday appeal should be off to homes via regular mail or e-mail or Twitter or Facebook by December 11. Whatever way(s) work best for you.

But remember: you are asking for support of the mission. For support of the people who benefit from your mission. You are not asking donors to help the nonprofit as an end in itself.

Communicate Hope, and you will shine a path through you to those you serve.

Happiest of holidays to each of you.

And thank you for making life better. At home. Abroad.

I count your efforts among my blessings.

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