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Another Shot of Red Bull: Kicking Up Board Energy Level

Many of you read my March 11 post on my old blogspot site (NetWorkResults) Here we are in the merry month of May and it’s time for another energy boost to help us get ready for those summer months. You remember summer, right? That time of year when life slows down? Yeah, right.
So, you’re starting your meetings with a story that exemplifies your mission. You’ve shaken up the usual line-up so new folks are reporting, brining ideas to the table.
Now what?
I recommend dusting off the Strategic Plan, giving it a kick with an update. If it’s been three years since you’ve last dug into it, let’s start summer season with a fresh look: How are we progressing on our goals? Have a few things been left in the dust? Let’s do a summer clean-up.
The chair of the board appoints a person to chair this Strategic Plan re-fresh. The committee (consisting of a couple of veteran members, a couple of newbies) meets with a senior staff person and a work plan with time line is outlined. Do we need some updated data? Are we feeling in our community that we’re pulling out of recession and beginning to see signs of life again? Have there been changes in competition? A plan is drafted and brought back to the board for approval.
This job, if well done, can re-capture the sense that you’re on the right track. And some energy can come from a feeling of working on a couple of new things: is there evidence we need a new program initiative? Do we need a new fundraising event? Can we deploy an approach to social media (Facebook, You Tube) that will boost our marketing approach?
This can help get the board feeling back-on-track.
And of course: please call on me if you’d like to discuss how I can work with you to get you that energy boost. And, of course, a sustained energy boost!

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