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Where There’s A Will,…

“Planned Giving” is an important area of fundraising that public benefit organizations need to learn about and then offer options to their donors.
Wills and trusts can become a significant segment of your nonprofit revenue stream. A will is a donor’s “final gift” to your mission; a gift that hopefully will be used to assure the work you do can be done in the years to come.
Public benefit organizations purposefully recruit an attorney with estate planning expertise and a bank trust officer who advises clients on investments that can be an ongoing source of income for family members and nonprofit organizations these clients feel a strong sense of commitment to.
Over time, as your nonprofit builds donors to your annual campaign or fund, you likely will have financial supporters who would consider making a “planned gift”…a will or a trust….to benefit the mission you deliver.
How can you bring these opportunities to the attention of your donors? You can mention it in your newsletter, and provide a contact person whom your prospect can get in touch with to learn more.
Some nonprofit organizations host seminars or informal meetings on planned giving to inform all interested persons in your community about the benefits of financial planning. Targeting people in your donor pool is the preferred approach that I recommend. Mentioning options to donors, and offering more detailed information if they request it can get people who already support you, who feel a strong sense of connection to your mission; who see the benefit you bring to their community, to want to do something that can have a long lasting impact on keeping the service alive.
I recommend that you check to see if you have an Estate Planning Council in your State or region. Learn from a professional. Decide how you’ll apply these opportunities to support your nonprofit.

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