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This week, I’m providing two links and a book that might be useful to you and your nonprofit board of directors.
Recent New Yorker story http://nyr,kr/bfJ9DW “Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted,” cites the sit-in story that started in Greesnboro, NC February 1, 1960 resulting in desegregation of lunch counters across the South. In this case, I believe the author has an axe to grind and is intent on minimizing the impact of social media.
In the Omaha World Herald (10/10/10) in the “Warren (Buffet) Watch,” the story focuses on a panel chaired by Charlie Munger, a Buffet Partner, assessing the value (or not) of nonprofits in the great economic engine driving the USA. Do businesses advance society more than nonprofits? Interesting topic to debate on a chilly night in Omaha. However, I believe it’s a false dichotomy: these are two very different sectors with different roles. In my experience, nonprofits are incubators of ideas that capitalists aren’t quite ready to capitalize. I do feel that there are entrepreneurs in all sectors that drive change; that make the USA a robust place to live.
And finally, I recommend that we all read Jerold Panas’ text Fundraising Habits of Supremely Successful Boards. If anyone knows his board-as-fundraiser stuff, it’s this guy. I’m a long-time admirer, going back to my American Lung Association days and work with colleague Dick Beale, and Indiana guy who was a true leader within the Lung family.
Hope you find this material interesting. Please be in touch if you want to chat, explore how we might work together. 781-334-4915

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