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It’s The Results understands the challenges of non-profit management and offers a menu of services responsive to today’s market:
•    Non-profit board development
•    Strategic planning
•    Fundraising program development

Board Development

Non-profit boards and board members working in today’s rapidly changing economy and market must be trained to advance the non-profit organization’s mission using cutting-edge marketing techniques to compete for donors and visibility.

It’s The Results can help you orient your strategy to maximize your non-profit board’s work in this evolving marketplace. At the heart of an effective non-profit board are a clear-cut understanding of how the board can advance the organization’s mission and how the individual board member’s skills, personal and professional networks can bolster the non-profit organization’s visibility, partnerships and revenue streams.

It’s The Results helps your non-profit board maximize its common purpose and understand individual responsibilities:
•    Advance the mission: network and promote the non-profit’s brand in the various communities where board members live, work, pray and play

•    Identify board prospects: recruit the best and the brightest to build a board that moves your non-profit organization forward strategically—for the long term and to meet immediate tactical needs

•    Cultivate donors and partners: leverage business and personal relationships to create new opportunities for the non-profit organization

Strategic Planning

Market-based strategic planning and effective implementation are the lifeblood of vibrant organizations able to thrive in today’s competitive environment—and they can energize your board for renewed commitment and results.

It’s the Results facilitates non-profit strategic planning the proven and engaging way—by asking the right questions, and finding answers based on data, not assumptions, to focus the non-profit board and staff leadership on mission, customer, value, results, and the plan.

It’s The Results examines several key ingredients essential to effective strategic plan implementation with your board members and managers. Together, we concentrate on:
1.    Know Your Customer – Consider the primary customers who benefit from the service the organization provides as well as the supporting customers: volunteers, donors, and others. Detail their needs and how they value your specific services. It’s The Results helps you design and deliver your services to fit your customers’ needs.
2.    Know Your Market – Documenting the demographics of your community to help achieve sharp focus on your target audience(s) is an essential first step toward effective planning. Gathering data on your competition completes the picture that you need to move forward.
3.    Focus on The Results – What are you promising to deliver to your customers, and what are you goals for the organization?  It’s The Results coaches you and your Board to  determine the right set of services—and how you can measure your effectiveness.


No money, no mission

Successful fundraising is built on a rock-solid plan that draws on diverse revenue sources to reach annual goals and long-term revenue growth.

It’s The Results works with your staff and board leadership to assess past and current fundraising experience, identify diversified revenue sources in the market, and design and execute a fundraising plan tailored to fit the organization, staged to grow over time.

It’s The Results can capably construct short-term or long-term fund raising plans built with an experience-based set of strategies:
1.    Coordinated activities focused on donor prospects among staff and volunteers.
2.    Tracking progress of relationship development to higher levels of interaction.
3.    Well-planned activities enabling donor prospects to become donors.

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