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Leading In Stressful Times

It’s The Results wants your non-profit organization to thrive: to be flexible, energized and able to take advantage of opportunities that truly leverage your mission, give legs to your strategy plan and build your brand—for greater revenue generation and ultimately, greater impact in your community.

Strong, effective leadership will drive that success, particularly in competitive, stressful times like these.

Rules of Leadership

1.    Effective leadership starts with tuning in to the market you serve.
2.    One size does not fit all: tailor your leadership style to fit the situation confronting you.
3.    Engage key staff and volunteers in your planning processes.
4.    Tune in to the people around you: getting a leader’s attention is a morale booster.
5.    Map priorities: know where you’re headed and get there on time.
6.    Share the stage: mentor others to show their stuff.
7.    Commit to continuous improvement: how will we make this better?
8.    Maximize communications with  free social media tools readily available.
9.    In association work, it’s all about care and feeding of relationships.
10.    Effective leadership is measured by delivering results.

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