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Generation Next: New Leadership Is Here!

I hear a lot of sad tales and witness a lot of hand wringing over the Great Divide. You know: These young folks just don’t get it. So us old fossils need to hang on to the levers of power for a few more years until these young whipper snappers just….just…..just what, exactly? What on earth are we waiting for?

I think the time has long since past for the older generations to step aside and let youth take charge. They may not see things exactly as “we” see them, but that is probably all for the better. Their values are a bit different. But ours are not necessarily “better.”

Part of the problem is, many of the nonprofit boards consist of members whose age profile reflect the boomer era; like many of the sitting executives. So of course, sitting boards are very comfortable with executives who see things as they do. Well it’s time to break free from that comfort zone, and bring in new leadership who see the world a bit differently and who will bring the new vision and new approaches to the nonprofit mission. It’s time for change. And the time needs to get in gear now.

So let’s get busy as 2013 approaches bringing in Generation Next: Generation X and Generation Y who are ready to apply new approaches to make the nonprofit mission work for us. Just do it!

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