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What Sets Us Apart?

Wherever you are in your fiscal year cycle, it’s good now after the New Year to stop and take stock. At staff meeting. At the next board meeting. Ask the question: What sets us apart? What’s our unique role in our community? In the world? What is it that we’re delivering that differentiates us from all the rest?

Keep track of the words. Some of these statements can become the basis for future communications. Headers for your newsletter. Leads for your next appeal to donors. Points to be made in testimony before a regulatory body or legislative committee.

Distinguish yourself. Make your nonprofit and its mission stand out.

When you’re recruiting volunteers for your special event or members for your board of directors, keep those points of differentiation in mind. Talk about them. Listen to what your primary customers….those who benefit from your mission…those who gain from the outcomes you deliver…have to say about you. Capture those words.

This is what sets you apart.

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