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We Know. But Does Our Target Audience Know?

Inside the public benefit (nonprofit) organization, staff and board and other volunteers know what our business is.  Whether we’re a day care center, a performing arts collaborative, a senior center….whatever we are, we know and our clients know what we’re delivering. What sets us apart from other public benefit organizations.  This is a crucial part of our brand identity.

Our donors, friends of our nonprofit, stakeholders in our mission…they all need to know about this, too.  But they don’t have the time to get the full experience of what we’re delivering like we do.  They only know us through our stories, through their contact with our clients, what they read about us in the newspaper or online. In our newsletter. In our appeal letter.

It’s our job, as nonprofit insiders, to make sure the outsiders….our target audiences who are out there interested in what we’re up to….to communicate our brand with clarity.  Succinctly.  Passionately.  Connecting us with the Hope we deliver to our clients. Or, our “primary customers.”  Let’s be sure our supporting customers (donors, volunteers, stakeholders of various stripe) hear this message. We don’t want to oversell it.  It doesn’t help our cause if we drive our supporters away through over-communication.

So we keep our messages short and sweet.  We host occasional events at our site to bring our supporters in to see what’s up, and get a taste of the mission.

And we’d like the memory of that taste to be sweet.  To linger. To generate a sense of fondness for our work in our supporting customers.

We know.  But does our Target Audience know?

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