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Tribute Gifts: Honoring a loved one or friend with a charitable gift

Memorial Day 2015 is just around the corner (May 25). it’s a USA national holiday that dates back to 1866, when Decoration Day was declared to honor soldiers who lost their lives in the Civil War

Today, we honor all our war dead on Memorial Day. Many nonprofit organizations over the years have launched memorial gift programs. Family members and friends of the war dead make tribute gifts in honor of the deceased to help a nonprofit that meant a lot to the fallen soldier, sailor, marine.

Now nonprofits have tribute programs. Supporters are encouraged to remember a deceased love one…or, honor a living person’s birthday or anniversary or college graduation with a special gift to help a charitable cause in the name of the loved friend or family member.

I recommend that if you have a newsletter that goes to your supporters, to encourage donors to make such gifts to support a nonprofit they care about in the name of a person…as a mark of celebration or a mark of remembrance.

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