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Parsing Our Way Through the Social Media Maze

I’ve written frequently about my admiration for Beth Kanter (Twitter: @Kanter; blog: and Bob Cargill (Twitter: @cargillcreative) who share lots of good, useful stuff on social media with us all. I also want to commend you to an Infographic “Social Media Cheat Sheet” from Search Engine Journal (January, 2012) I have this particular Infographic posted on Pinterest :Learning from Gurus. Very helpful tool for nonprofit leaders trying to make sense of what might work best in a particular situation as a social media approach. Many friends and colleagues worry about social media as a black hole: that could easily suck up lots of valuable time. No doubt. This can happen. But, on the other hand, social media offer great ways to reach out and communicate with our clients, customers, stakeholders, volunteers. You name it. This is what I’d call “Intelligent Design.” Taking a huge universe and finding the right corner to work in. Check it out.

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