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NH Nonprofit Leadership Summit Big Hit

Congratulations to Mike Ostrowski, Interim CEO NH Center for Nonprofits for the work of his team to present a topnotch conference. Jeanine Tousignant, VP of the Center’s Board, served as Master of Ceremonies.
Steve Zimmerman, Spectrum Nonprofit Services, opened with “The Capacity to Endure.” His Six Key Questions starting with “What do our constituents need?” were provocative and can help a nonprofit establish and maintain a proper focus. Aren’t we in business to serve our primary customers? Those who need our service?
Kim Klein of Klein and Roth Consulting followed with her stimulating talk: “Less is the New More.” The work to downsize government, cut taxes and leave more $ in the taxpayers pockets has resulted in more competition for the charitable dollar and not enough new dollar sources from all the tax savings to serve the needs of various client groups. Among other things, Kim contends that “public” schools are disappearing and raising more and more money in the community to cover more children’s programs that used to be paid for with tax dollars.
Meanwhile, the top 1% accumulate more and more wealth while the rest of us stay stagnant.
What is wrong with this picture?
Some may argue that Kim is feeding a cultural war on the wealthiest Americans.
The point truly is, there is minimal trickle down.
And we’re in a rut…by many measures, the US is falling behind in its pursuit of happiness.
Nonprofits discussed at table talk: What can we do?
Results will be captured and reported back to NHCN members.
Stay tuned!

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