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Love Live Chats on Twitter

Really enjoyed live chat last night (December 11, 2012) #getrealchat hosted by @PamMktgNut otherwise known as Pam Moore. Topic was, ta-da, marketing! It attracted some bright and interesting folk who stimulated my thinking: How in today’s fast paced world with social media moving at the speed of light can you keep your nonprofit on pace with topnotch companies with best marketing practice? The answer for me is: If you’re not out there engaging, you’re missing the boat. Seems to me there is no one way to approach this. The volume of data and experience is way too broad for one way to work for everyone. My recommendation to nonprofit leaders I consults with is, identify young, savvy tech users (social media, Smart phones…folks who love all the bells and whistles) and bring a small (five-person) team from events you host and programs you offer to talk together about how they use their phones, Facebook, Instagram, 4-Square…all that stuff. Talk with them about what you’re trying to accomplish: Raise money, expand program service, communicate better with primary and supporting customers of all sorts. And let them puzzle it out. In a sense, this team becomes a volunteer marketing department. Assuming you can’t afford a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Engage volunteers who love your mission already, who are doing things with you and who use the tools you would like to employ. Let them have at it. I think the odds are it’ll get good results.

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2 Responses to “Love Live Chats on Twitter”

  • Steve, that’s one really interesting way to think about keeping your marketing practice fresh. In keeping with your “there’s no one way to approach it” motto, I’d like to offer a few others, as well:
    – ask your marketing team to bring in one case study each week from the corporate or nonprofit sector and have them present it, identifying potential parallels and leveraged uses for your organization;
    – continue to brainstorm measurable tactics against SMART marketing goals
    – subscribe to trendwatching digital marketing blogs and newsletters
    – experiment, experiment, experiment!

    Thanks for initiating this conversation. Too often we talk about what “must be done,” and I love this way of thinking about how we must “keep it fresh.”

  • Thanks for keeping this conversation going, Debra! When I think of “marketing team,” I’m usually thinking of nonprofits that are larger in budget and staff size. A nonprofit that has at least a half-time person devoted to communication and someone competent handling the webmaster chores and maybe someone thinking Search Engine Optimization. NPO’s with budgets at $1 million or less are likely scraping around for folks with those skills. I do wonder how they manage. Part of their thinking needs to be strategy to build capacity (aha!) to do this important work. Regardless of who’s there doing the work, marketing needs to be on the team’s brain. Which I think circles back to your points! See! I get there eventually! Thanks, Debra! Steve

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