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Getting Strategic: Board and Staff Set the Course

Working with nonprofit clients to establish or update a Strategic Plan, the course should be set in a collaborative manner with staff working closely with Board on defining direction.
Once the Strategic Planning Committee has drafted Goals for the future (in three or five-year chunks) it’s time to craft a few objectives and strategies for accomplishing those objectives within each Goal.
Organizing working teams to craft the language including measurable outcomes (objectives) and person(s) responsible for achievement, a timeline should be included.
This work by small teams comes back to the committee for overall discussion and challenge…and language created to bring to the Board.
Ultimately, it’s the Board that approves the plan. But staff and volunteers need to feel the plan makes sense and is achievable.
In this way the organization develops a plan that has a good chance of being carried out. And not sitting on some proverbial shelf.

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