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Developing the Nonprofit Professional Leader

Moving beyond the general concept of “Strategic Thinking” that I broached last week (thank you, McKinsey & Company), the focus this week is on building Executive Leadership at the Nonprofit organization.
I’m using this article from Bridgespan Hoe to Develop Yourself as a Nonprofit Leader. as a point of reference.
Nonprofit Board leaders should take interest in the development of their professional staff, particularly their executive director, as effective executors of the nonprofit mission.
The accompanying article from Bridgespan cites six nonprofit executives who are “leading edge” thinkers, and how they developed over the years, and how they want their professional team to develop in the coming years.
Education is a key part of it. And, of course, I’m a true believer in its importance as an adjunct faculty member of the Nonprofit Management program at Northeastern University in Boston.
But beyond that, there is networking…time and work out of the office, seeking out other nonprofit leaders and learning from their experience.
And there is the mentoring role we hope nonprofit executives will take in encouraging the development of their staff.
Nonprofit advancement starts at the core: With the staff and the board. Always interested in making it better.
And applying Strategic Thinking while in that process.

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