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Is Baltimore Hearing from Its Leaders?

From the time of Freddie Gray’s arrest Sunday, April 12 to his death in a Baltimore hospital on Sunday, April 19 it seemed (from the outside looking in) that Baltimore was simmering. Something was brewing, and it started to boil over (according to media reports) on Friday, April 24. Reports in national media linked the treatment of Freddie Gray by Baltimore police as symptomatic of a predominantly white police force handling African American residents they are sworn to protect with excessive force. Not on every occasion. Not every white officer. But it seemed there has been a small segment of the force that abuse their power.
This is not an unusual phenomenon in our USA. How can this be?
So now in recent days we have seen the backlash. The destruction of businesses, of private property, of police vehicles and against police themselves. We know that two wrongs don’t make it right. But we know desperate people commit desperate acts.
So where is Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in all this? Religious leaders? Sports heroes of the city? Where are the voices of people who all might listen to? Who will come to the neighborhoods and listen to what folks in the poorest blocks of Baltimore have to say?
Where is the problem-solving attitude?
Where are the nonprofit leaders of Baltimore in all this?
National media are giving us pictures of a burning CVS store. People making mayhem in the streets.
Why is it when I Google Baltimore, one of the first phrases I see is “Baltimore riots”?
Can we see some efforts of peace-makers trying to get the situation back to simmer?
Cities that can’t organize to resolve their problems give off a feeling of a cause that is lost.
If our leaders can’t bring the forces of the city together to resolve our problems they have lost their will to lead.
Who will step up?

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