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Steve Smith Featured Speaker at SHPE Conference, Marriott- Kendall Square March 1, 2014
Steve will speak at the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers Region IV Conference in Cambridge MA on Saturday, March 1, 2014. Chapter leaders from around the Northeast Region will attend to learn appropriate fundraising techniques to attract donors to help build more effective chapters. Link to conference registration:

It’s The Results: Non-Profit Collaborative Fundraising Mini Conference November 1, 2013

Steve Smith will present his “Raising Money for a Purpose: Nuts and Bolts of a Development Plan” at the Non-Profit Collaborative conference at Mt Wachusett Community College in Gardner MA Friday, November 1. This workshop features two round-table sessions: One, a SWOT analysis experience to bring back for use with nonprofit staff and volunteers; and Two, a work session on a plan template covering elements that need to be incorporated in the Development Plan.

Best of CONFR Workshop May 31, 2013 at Southern NH University, Manchester, NH
Special salute to Tricia Casey, Director of Advancement, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua, for joining me as co-presenter at CONFR – NH “Best of CONFR” conference May 30. Our workshop “Mission-Based Development Plans” was well-received. Great experience to present on the campus of So. NH University. Thanks to our participants who helped enrich our presentation with their questions and sharing their experiences.

Energize Your Board with Fresh Ideas

It’s The Results offers some food for thought for non-profits leaders. Remember, fresh ideas help energize staff and board and help keep your organization flexible!

Steve Featured on Nonprofit Direct Teleseminar April 7, 2011

Nonprofit Direct Teleseminar: Brand Building Through the Board of Directors. Designed for small-to-mid-size nonprofit organizations interested in getting Board, staff and volunteers on same page regarding Brand: how we talk about it, how we promote our activities in the public marketplace. This conference call has a Power Point presentation to accompany the discussion.

Mass Non Profit Newsletter: August 12, 2009

With financial resources increasingly scarce, nonprofit organizations should utilize their other precious asset—their networks—to strengthen their ability to deliver on their mission today and prepare for growth after the recession.

The goodwill, future financial support, and contacts developed by networking during this stormy financial period will be the silver lining to emerge when the clouds of recession inevitably lift.

Networking is the art of identifying, cultivating, and engaging friends of your organization. These friendships ultimately may yield monetary support, sources of non-financial support, and ambassadors who can, in turn, cultivate more friends.

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