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More on Donor Stewardship

Back in June 2013, I recommended a series of ideas on how to thank your donors in the summertime.

The ideas included the always welcome thank you note, the board-hosted house parties, and the cocktail event at your nonprofit or at a nice spot if you can get a corporate sponsor to underwrite it for you which is all the better.

So now we’re a few weeks after the fact and there were a few key donors who didn’t make it or couldn’t make it because they were away or the timing wasn’t convenient for some reason or another. So if it can work for you and you’re not entirely stressed out getting ready for your fall line-up of events, how about another thank you event for late-August?

Just host it at a different time of day, so for those who couldn’t make it at the time of day of your earlier event, make this one a continental breakfast with a guest speaker (very brief, of course) at a spot that’s suitable. A place that helps set the right tone for you. And of course this gathering is all about thanking, and all about how pleased we are to get together to celebrate the people who support us and make it possible for us to deliver the important mission we get to bring to our community. It’s great! And it’s all because of the fine people here in this room with us! And folks are there and they chat, and you have a few staff and board members with you and we get to talk and you’ll be so surprised what you learn. And when you get back to the office you debrief and talk about what you noticed, what you learned. Your donors will leave feeling appreciated. Nice job! How many nonprofits take the time to make their supporters feel valued? Not enough of them.

So good for you. And let me tell you, this will be remembered. As will the fact that it was sponsored by one of your supporters…and didn’t come from the money that was donated to you. How great is that?

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