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Gearing Up for the Annual Appeal

It’s that time of year. November is the month most community benefit (nonprofit) organizations get their annual appeal out the door, asking donors to once again step up and help make the mission they care about come to fruition.  Some tips to consider when crafting and organizing your 2011 pitch:

  • Snail-mail your appeal to donors you know prefer to get mail in their traditional mailbox.
  • E-mail your younger donors. Particularly the ones who open, read and sometimes respond to your e-mail.
  • Give donors the option to use their credit card. Yes, the gift costs you a couple of points. But you should get a few multi-month gifts that make it more than worthwhile.
  • The snail-mail package should not come in a #10 envelope. It can be a two-page appeal with reply envelope and response card to indicate amount of gift, and credit card info.
  • And above all: there’s a story. A story that humanizes your mission in a simple by emotional way that helps seal a bond with your donor.

If you do these things in 2011 and you do them better than you did in 2010, you should generate more net revenue this year.

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