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Urgency Around the Nonprofit Mission

It’s way too easy to fall into patterns of complacency. And when this happens, the energy dissipates and we lose that zip for the mission. So how do we recapture the sense of urgency around the nonprofit mission? One way to achieve this is to invite one or two people who benefit from your services to come to the next board meeting and tell a story. The story about how your nonprofit made a difference in their lives. What is it, who is it, why is it that something sparked and life felt a bit better because of that experience. Build the meeting agenda around the story or stories. Make sure whatever is on the board agenda is essential for the nonprofit. That the topic will drive an important decision the board needs to make now or in the near future. That we’re not just reciting reports to make committee chairs feel important. Of course, they are important. But everyone’s time is important, and hearing a report that’s already in written form and easily readable by literate members of the board is not a good use of their time. Don’t undermine the sense of urgency with reports which can just as easily be read. Please. Let’s think about ACTION and what needs to be discussed that moves us in the direction of a decision.

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