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What Can I Do to Help the People of Japan?

With thousands dead and hundreds of thousand of people displaced particularly due to the tsunami that followed the devastating earthquake, we in the USA watch in horror and wonder: What on earth can I do that might be of some help?

You can start by making a donation to a charity that’s working in the area hit by the devastation. Here’s the latest from Yahoo News on effective places to send charitable dollars:   I regret to report that I had two abbreviated addresses I found, but neither worked when I tested.  Thus the unwieldy URL.

I re-tweeted a story about children making 1,000 origami cranes and using these as a fundraiser.

More recently, the Chicago Tribune reported on people in Columbus Ohio making thousands of these origami cranes for a display of their connection with Miyoshi, Japan their sister city which was hit hard by the tsunami last week. Link to story:

I recommend that you take a look at this visual tweeted by @policysettle: with a story by Dan Vegono in USA Today illustrating the movement of the tsunami across the Pacific Seeing the force in this digital picture is quite unsettling.

Is it the overwhelming scope of this tragedy that makes it hard for us to wrap our minds and hearts around the extent of it?  Just too much to comprehend?  Finding the right way for each of us as individuals to respond to something so overwhelming is…overwhelming. But let’s take a moment. Think about it. And act in a way that feels right to us. Each of us. No “one size fits all.”

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