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Random Acts of Kindness at Thanksgiving II

This week do something totally unexpected for a complete stranger.
Treat the driver behind you to coffee on you at Dunkin Donuts…or your favorite drive thru.
At the market: Check the shopping cart of the person behind you. Is there a turkey in the cart? Ask the person if you can treat for their Thanksgiving turkey.
Have a couple of $15 or $25 gift cards in your pocket. At the supermarket, walking down the street, at your lunch spot: If you see a person sweeping the floor or sidewalk or emptying trash or stocking shelves, step up. Wish the person Happy
Thanksgiving. Give them a gift card as a token of your appreciation.
This is kind of the opposite of terrorism. Maybe it’s do-good-ism. Let’s be do-good-ists this week.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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