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Strategic Thinking: A Nonprofit Application

In 2000, McKinsey & Co released a report on Strategic Thinking > The article by Frederick Gluck, Stephen Kaufman et al does a good job describing how companies grow in their strategic capabilities as the leadership evolves through certain phases. The process usually begins with emerging financial strategies.
It seems to me that this applies to the development of nonprofit organizations. Generally, nonprofits grow with the primary intention to improve life for a target audience. Profit-making entities grow with a variety of intentions, but generally speaking, companies/businesses are hatched and grow with the intention to ultimately generate profit. But underneath it all, there is an idea that the starting core of people want to test and put to work. And that it will work better than the next group’s idea.
I believe nonprofit organizations can and do benefit from approaching their mission with a strategically-focused approach.
And, that this plan is developed in stages over time.
Take a look at the article. I’ll write more about evolving nonprofit strategy in the coming weeks.

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