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Beyond the Strategic Plan: Revenue Generation that Works

At the May 30 2013 NH Council on Fundraising Council, I was joined by Tricia Casey, Director of Advancement at Boys & Girls Club of Nashua NH. We delivered a workshop “Raising Money with a Purpose.” Our focus was on development plans and case statements. And our premise was that these elements worked best when they are built out from a Strategic Plan. Why? Because the nonprofit that’s properly focused on a Mission with well-laid out Goals knows where it’s headed. And if staff and volunteers are clear on their direction, then approaching donors makes sense. I believe one reason why board members are reluctant to raise money for a nonprofit is because they’re not clear about the “why.” Building out a thoughtful development plan from a strong Strategic Plan will make all the difference.

And here are some of the key components:

A Development Committee Leads the Way. Having a volunteer development team on the board who can take the lead in the annual appeal (asking fellow board members for their gift, and asking major donors for their gifts) will be very useful to the fundraising process.

Diversified Revenue Stream. Beyond the annual appeal, there are appropriate events and other activities that bring in revenue for the nonprofit.

Assessment Before the Plan. Check out what similar nonprofits are doing to raise funds. Develop a profile and try to stage growth into a broader fundraising action plan over time that will make sense for your organization.

For more detailed information, please feel free to contact me for advice on building an effective Revenue Generation plan for your nonprofit organization.

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