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‘Tis the Season to Thank the Board

Here we are in the days before Christmas. Staff party is all set. Hanukkah is happening for those of us of the Jewish faith. We have gifts for the mailman, the paperboy, the person who cuts our hair.

How about the Board? Some of us are lucky and have a Board member or three who send special treats for the staff to share. Now it’s time (hopefully not too late!) to return the favor and send a thoughtful something to our Board members. Thanking them for their service.
It could be something as simple as a greeting card. No doubt that will be appreciated. But maybe we can do something a bit more. We could get a few bud vases and deliver a small arrangement to members’ homes. We could invite Board members to our staff party. We could host an end-of-day reception just for them.

Something to let our leading volunteers to know they are appreciated.
Is there time do do something?

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