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The Fundraising Board: Stage 2

Back in February (2-28-2011) I wrote about the Fundraising Board in the context of donor relations.  Kay Sprinkel Grace and Ken Burnett are two authorities on this subject, and I quote from their work when I work with nonprofit Boards on developing their fundraising capacity.

Today I’m focusing on the donor as target audience for the nonprofit. And setting communication strategy with your donors in a way that suits your donors.  This is all about best marketing practice.  A well-executed development plan has to take into account excellence in communication.  Some areas to keep in mind:

  • What’s the story we’re going to tell?  Board members should be armed with two or three real stories that illustrate how your mission works to help your clients: your primary customers (using Peter Drucker terminology).
  • What do we know about the donor we’re going to visit? A well-stocked and up-to-date donor database can pay dividends.
  • What are we asking for?  How much was the last gift, and how much are we asking for at this visit?

Putting into practice well thought out marketing communication strategy will help Board members succeed in bringing home the bacon. Or the tofu, if you’re so inclined.

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