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Strategic Thinking III: No Money, No Mission

We want our Nonprofit Boards of Directors to be thinking strategically. The work of the board needs to be in the area of direction-setting for the Nonprofit. Operations are the staff’s business. Strategy is the Board’s.

Of course, we want the strategies to be sound. To fit with the mission. To make sense within the context of the Nonprofit Strategic Plan.

Some of this thinking (and doing) is in the realm of Fundraising. And kicking that thinking up a notch to the level of Development. Development assumes there’s some relationship building going on; that it’s not just about asking for money. What’s the driving purpose behind the ask? Somewhere in there needs to be the Nonprofit Mission.

So when we are seeking gifts for the Annual Fund (and most nonprofits have done that business this past November – December) we’re letting our donors know what we’ve been delivering, and further what needs to be delivered in the coming months. And years.

Doing this smartly depends on strategic thinking. Beyond today. And always in terms of the folks the Nonprofit is serving. So when we’re going for Money for the Mission, it’s all about the people we serve. The Nonprofit itself is a tool to the end we’re seeking.

When our donors see we get that and we communicate that sense of purpose, they will dig a little deeper.

So the Nonprofit Board is thinking and acting Strategically. I don’t know how else the work gets done.

Do you?

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