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Does it make sense to you that the fundraising approach that will work best for your nonprofit organization is the one that fits your strategic plan? It does to me, and I’ll tell you why.

A well-thought-out Strategic Plan is rooted in the mission of the nonprofit. When we’re clear on our mission, and we have set out goals that clearly emanate from it, we’re heading on the right track. The goals are about our value proposition: what we deliver to our primary customers (those who benefit from our service) that helps make their lives better.  And this basic rule-of-thumb can apply to an arts organization, a human service agency, a health care provider…you name it, it can work.

So I believe it stands to reason that how you raise money, the messages in your appeal to donors, the way you build your special events, the fundamentals of your major gift campaign all come from what you’re delivering that’s making life better. So when folks make a contribution it’s clear that they’re helping you make a difference.

And I don’t know of any factor more important to forging and maintaining a relationship with your donors than that they get the value.  And want to be a part of it. In my brain, these folks are supporting customers. This terminology comes from what was once called the Peter F Drucker Foundation.  Very market-based.  Which is what I recommend that you, your nonprofit, and your nonprofit’s Strategic Plan all be.

If you follow the blogs of Hildy Gottlieb, Pamela Grow, Bob Cargill, Seth Godin among many others, you’re getting that very very market-based orientation.

There’s great help out there to assist you in tailoring your fundraising/development plan to jibe nicely with your Strategic Plan.

Does that make sense to you?

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