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Role of Board in Launch of Major Gift Program

Last week I wrote about fundamentals for Major Gift success:

  • Annual fund donor database with at least 20% renewal rate
  • A senior staff member who gets how Development works
  • A Development Committee with members who know and are connected to generous donors

If these three pieces are in place, you’re working from a base that can work for you.

And one of the key three is a Development Committee.  And if not that, a core of board members who have connections, who contribute to your annual fund, and advance your brand because they truly get the mission.  It’s entirely possible for a nonprofit to decide in 2012 that it wants to get to a Major Gift level and get very intentional about building resources (see bullets above) that will contribute to your first Major Gift campaign when you’re ready to go.  It might be 2015 or 2016 before you are ready.  But you can get there.  With a strong strategic platform to work from, the world will be your oyster.

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