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A Shot of Red Bull for the Board Meeting

Here we are, counting down to the first day of spring, looking for that energy boost to get spring cleaning underway.
Coming out of our winter hibernation, it’s a good idea to check in on the energy level for our board. Are meetings lacking some zip? Are our financial numbers not quite where we’d like to see them, but in need of some constructive attention?
It’s tough. Rumor has it we’re moving out of recession and recovery is just around the corner.
For the moment, we have some work to do, some tough decisions to make and, we’re struggling to find the energy…to get all members of the board out, at the meeting, coming ready to engage in what can work for us to get us over the hump.
Cans of Red Bull probably aren’t really what will do the trick.
But what the heck. Maybe have a few cans on the refreshment table to perk some interest, get a chuckle, maybe provoke a lecture on healthy diet from the board scold.
Here are some tips that can provoke a needed jolt:

  • Put a story on the agenda. Ask a person or volunteer who benefits from the service you provide, share a story about the value you deliver.
  • Shake up the line-up. Oral reports at the board meeting? Keep these at a minimum. But if there’s one or two that will be requiring board action, ask the committee chair to designate a member on the board to give the report, or augment the report. Engage more members in the process of the meeting!
  • Sweeten Up the refreshments. Ask a member if they’d bake or pick up from a bakery a special treat for the members to enjoy. A bit of sugar can add energy. Something special can add a smile, share some appreciation.
  • Allow for some “Generative” time. Set aside a fifteen-to-thirty minute discussion time. No Roberts Rules. A conversation around something real happening in the community or the economy that’ll be good for all to know, that impacts decisions, adds to the board’s knowledge base. Get into the habit of asking different members of the board to come prepared to lead discussion time.
  • Did someone say fundraising? What can the board do to stimulate revenue? It can’t always be about cutting expenses. There needs to be some creative, new effort by members to devise a way they can add to the treasury. Will someone step up, propose an idea with some forethought/planning, and solicit members to pitch in?

So, let’s find some energy sources to stir things up a bit, leave members thinking as they head for the door following adjournment, “Now that was a good meeting!”

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