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Ready for Major Gift Launch?

When a nonprofit organization has been in business for a year or ten, has a thriving annual campaign, a board of directors who donate and help raise money, and see a big strategic need in need of some big strategic dollars, it may be time for a Major Gift Campaign.
But are we really ready?
First and foremost, we need to know how much we need to raise and what it’s for.
Second, we need to assess if we have the capacity to raise the necessary funds.
Do we need to conduct a feasibility study?
Do we need outside counsel to manage the study, and then another consultant to manage the campaign?
These are big questions.
If the nonprofit is strategically focused and has been through a challenging, provocative process, maybe it’s ready.
Maybe. And that’s a big “Maybe.”
But you don’t know the answer ’til you start asking the questions and looking for objective answers.

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