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In Case You Missed It: Highlights from Development Workshop

I enjoyed my morning at the Non-Profit Collaborative Fundraising Conference at Mt Wachusett Community College today. I thought the kick-off panel facilitated by Robin Duncan, VP of Marketing & Public Relations at Mt Wachusett was rich with great ideas on making a nonprofit development program work. Joseph Stiso, Associate VP for Development Planning at the college was both humorous and spot-on with his tips on building a program through collaboration. He knows his networking.
I welcomed the opportunity to deliver my workshop: Raising Money for a Purpose: Nuts and Bolts of a Development Plan. Here are a few highlights:
1. Engage the Board. If there isn’t a Development Committee in place, work with the Board chair to identify at least two members who will work with staff on shaping the strategy part of the plan.
2. Set a Deadline for Plan Creation Pick a date about three months out to complete the work. If there are Board meetings in the intervening time, report on progress each time.
3. Bring Final Plan to Board for Review The work group’s product should come to the Board for discussion and, ultimately, approval. If it needs a tweak here and there, so be it.
4. Design Plan in Stages Make sure you don’t try to do too much all at once. Stage the work over time. Organize the strategies and objectives over a timeline so new efforts can be done in digestible gulps. Chug-a-lug is not a nourishing way to go.
For more, see some of my previous posts on creating a Development Plan as well as Board development.

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