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Hub & Spoke Approach to Fundraising

A helpful way to talk with your nonprofit board of directors about raising money is to draw a hub with spokes on the white board.

The board of directors is the hub.  Now ask board members to help identify the spokes in this representation.

One spoke might be the clients you serve: the primary customers of your nonprofit organization. The ticket-buyers to your events if you’re an arts organization.

The second spoke can be your current donors. The folks who respond to your annual appeal, the “members” who donate each year, the people who turn out for special event fundraisers each year.

The third spoke may be the network of volunteers on various committees, the folks who help out at the office, others who do volunteer work for you.

The idea is to use this visual representation to get your board thinking about the various networks you have access to. Including networks they are connected to. And then, what are the best approaches to these various groups on the various spokes?  How can the people at the hub at your nonprofit get people in the spokes to elevate their game on your behalf:  raise money, advocate for you, serve as ambassadors in their communities for you.

The fundamental here is to engage your board in a way that gets them seeing how they can help in ways they may not have considered before. Extraordinary times call for taking a look at resources in new, not-so-extraordinary ways.

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