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Good Time for Governance Committee to Search for Board Prospects

Spring is an excellent time for the Governance/Nominating Committee of the Nonprofit Board to get busy seeking candidates for the Board.
If your Board has term limits (highly recommended) you likely have some members up for renewal. And some of these might be the kind of member you want to retain. And if they are not reaching the limit of terms (common: 3 three-year terms max) it’s good to let them know the committee wants to propose that they continue. And if not, the conversation about cycling off the Board will be timely. Sooner rather than later. If attendance has been flagging, if engagement just hasn’t seemed up to par…it’s likely time to let the person know they won’t be recommended for re-election.
Meanwhile, the chair of the Governance/Nominating committee should ask the chair of the Board for a few minutes at the next meeting to let members know that the process is in motion to bring one or more new candidates to the group for consideration. And to ask colleagues for recommendations. The process should include seeking a resume from the candidate and then for a member of the committee, after the committee has seen and discussed the resumes, to send a member in to interview the prospect. Treat it like a job interview.
This way, as the year comes to an end there are candidates for consideration which can add new life and fill some skill gaps if the Board has been missing areas of expertise that we like to have. Finance. HR. Marketing. Communication.
Good luck!

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