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Fresh Look at Overcoming Boardroom Boredom

This is an update of my July, 2010 post “Creatures of Habit?  Shake it up!”

Board meetings can become humdrum, and in ways few of the members notice. When we get into a routine that becomes a habit, it can soon devolve to nap time for members of the board of directors.
And then it can become a challenge to get a quorum present.
When it’s the same members speaking and the majority listening.
When there are endless reports and little ACTION items for the board to vote on, the boardroom can take on the look and feel of a club room like we used to see in the old movies.
Please. Just shoot me.
Break the mold (and mildew) and change the pace and tone of the board meeting.
Make sure there is Discussion Time on the Agenda. This is not Roberts Rules time. It’s free-ranging discussion about a subject that ties to the mission. Show a website that features an issue relevant to your work in your community. Find a You Tube video that captures the essence of your message; show it, talk about it.
Ask a new member of the board to come prepared to make an initial comment or share a thought inspired by the website or video. Encourage the quiet ones to speak out on a matter that’s meaningful to them and the group.
Think about Urgency. There should be two or three moments at each board meeting when the discussion brings forward a feeling of passion, emotion about the mission and what you’re doing to address it.
When this happens with regularity, you will find that your members experience the compelling need to raise dollars that contribute to addressing a problem demanding your and your board of directors’ attention.
If you have a moment, please share a comment on steps you have taken to liven up the atmosphere of board meetings.

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