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Steve Smith

Steve Smith founded It’s The Results to commit his 30 years’ experience to helping nonprofits grow and flourish in today’s challenging and competitive market;  a market that demands the most from non-profit managers and  non-profit boards. Steve’s approach is rooted in a firm foundation of targeted non-profit board recruitment, training and development that result in a savvy, nimble non-profit with an energized board. Non-profit boards must be prepared to undertake thoughtful strategic planning and implement that specific plan, expand revenue streams, build relationships to bolster the organization’s visibility and viability, and focus on capacity building for long-term success. Steve is an expert facilitator and non-profit management consultant who can put these interconnected pieces in place for your non-profit organization’s long-term success.

Steve brings years of experience in building and energizing non-profit boards.   He has the grass-roots and national-level experience to get people and mission in sync. From 1995 to 2005, Steve served as a member of the management team at the national headquarters of the American Lung Association. His primary responsibility was to stimulate growth and development of the chapters.  Steve oversaw more than 30 chapter executive searches, working with local search committees; developed tools to assess candidates, and helped orient new executives to the American Lung Association way of doing business.  At site visits, Steve employed his “Results Checklist” to help the new executive get focused on how to approach his/her unique situation. Today, the American Lung Association has slimmed down its layers of governance and reduced administrative staff enabling it to deliver more mission for the dollar, and to respond more quickly to changes in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

Steve Smith spent 15 of his 30 years as a chapter executive.  He worked with his board to bring it to a manageable size, then to define and carry out its role in the fundraising process.  The board partnered with Steve’s staff team to design and carry out a Strategic Plan, calling for a more sharply focused set of activities and delivering results the community articulated in an open forum meeting.  This chapter grew from a $200,000 entity in 1979 to $800,000 in 1994.

Today, Steve Smith’s It’s The Results works with organizations primarily in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  He is an adjunct graduate lecturer at the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University (Boston), teaching courses in nonprofit management with focus on fundraising and marketing.

Steve is a 1965 graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where he also earned a Master of Arts in Teaching in 1971, and completed the American Society of Association Executives association management certificate program at the University of Delaware in 1989. Steve also served in the US Navy for four years, including a Vietnam tour aboard the USS BOSTON (CA69).  He has been a frequent speaker/presenter at conferences across the USA.  Steve Smith is a member of the Peabody (Mass.) Rotary Club, Associated Grantmakers of Massachusetts, BoardSource, and serves on the board of directors of the Salem Harbor Community Development Corporation.  He has received BoardSource training in board development, and is a member of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, the NH Center for Nonprofits, and the Nonprofit Consultants Network.  He resides in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.

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