Steve Smith worked with us to re-build our board of directors in 2008. Board members came to understand "best practice" and developed job descriptions that are still informing our work. Steve helped us to pull together stakeholders and identify new community resources. We were surprised to realize the support available right in our own community! Board members felt comfortable with Steve right from the start, he took time to understand our organization and made sure that all of our work was a good fit for us. Steve tailored his work to our needs and the board took full ownership of the results
Chris Casserly, Executive Director of Rochester NH Child Care Center

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It’s The Results!

Do you have the tools to build, energize and grow your non-profit in today’s fast-moving market?

Success depends on your organization’s focus on market-specific services, flexibility—and a Board that is trained and poised to provide the leadership to push your non-profit ahead.

It’s The Results understands the array of interconnected leadership elements—both tangible and intangible—you need today. Connecting all the right pieces correctly can be challenging. Solid, sustainable revenue streams. Skills-focused nonprofit board recruitment and training. And thoughtful strategic planning that results in effective implementation by a nimble organization.

It’s The Results brings 30 years’ non-profit management and association leadership experience to the table. We deliver the tools to sharpen non-profit leaders’ focus in the areas essential to your long-term success:
•    Non-profit board development  (includes assessment, alignment, committee-building)
•    Non-profit fundraising strategy and implementation
•    Non-profit board recruitment
•    Non-profit board training
•    Improve alignment of the organization with its mission
•    Diversify revenue streams
•    Identify prospective donors
•    Strategic planning facilitation
•    Maximize relationships—with donors, board members, community stakeholders

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3 Responses to “It’s The Results”

  • spsmith:

    William. Thanks for your inquiry. When I’m engaged to work for a nonprofit on board recruitment, I have a self-assessment tool I use. When I’m giving friendly uncompensated advice, I recommend that leaders determine the demographics, skills and experience of current crew and identify areas where there may be “holes” to fill. For example, if there’s no person on board with marketing/communications expertise, I think this is an important gap to fill. For nonprofits that can’t attract such a star, I suggest forming a work group of two or three people with such capabilities to work pro bono (if no budget to pay for it) on tasks as needed. Hope this helps you get started! Feel free to send along additional questions to me directly s.p.99smith@gmail.com. Steve Smith.

  • spsmith:

    You are most welcome.

  • spsmith:

    Hey! Thanks for the link. All the best to you in your work.

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